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What is Mercy Ships?

It is the largest non-governmental floating hospital that seeks to bring hope and healing by providing access to free healthcare to people in developing nations. Even though Mercy Ships is a faith based organization, there are no religious requirements needed to obtain their free services.

Mercy Ships provides:

-Gynecological surgeries for those women who have had traumatic childbirths and are left with complications.

-Orthopedic surgeries for bowed legs, windswept legs and limb deformities

-Dental surgeries

-Maxillofacial surgeries such as those for Cleft Palates

-Ophthalmic surgeries including Cataract surgeries.

-Palliative care

-General surgeries for tumours that have been growing for many years

-Plastics surgeries for burns

Mercy Ships also provides education and training for African nurses and surgeons in order to better equip the health care systems of each of the countries that they serve. This includes education for ACLS, BLS and Surgical Sterilization. They also include some agricultural training as well.

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