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Meet Ruthy

I am a Registered Nurse in Canada and I've always been passionate about financial literacy and helping others.  Being a Financial Coach allows me to combine those two passions into one opportunity to coach others to experience financial freedom and the ability to reach their goals.

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I am married to a wonderful man and we have two teenage children.  Together we have accomplished paying off our mortgage in 10 years while putting my husband through University without any student loan debt!!

Read my blog to learn more about how we were able to do this!  

Now that we are debt free, our goal was to save up enough funds in order to serve aboard the largest non-governmental hospital ship, the Africa Mercy Ship as a family!  This meant not receiving a paycheque, but instead volunteering to live and work onboard the Africa Mercy. 

We started on this adventure in August 2021 and finished in October 2022 and we invite you to follow along with our journey!

As a result of working through Intentional Financial baby-steps,  we are now able to give generously and outrageously with our time and money!  

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