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Why I Became a Financial Coach

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

As many of you know I am a nurse and I am passionate about helping people and I am also all about intentionality and practicality. I love to see people winning at life and being successful. I have discovered that money impacts every area of our lives. While money isn't everything, we can’t live without it. I become concerned when I see people making financially harmful decisions that damage their relationships and lives and keeps them a slave to debt and society instead of being free to be successful. I am also a faith filled Jesus follower who loves to see people following Jesus because I believe that their present Now and after life depends on it but also because Jesus is such a practical God who cares about our now and wants us to be wise in our daily life. The bible is filled with so much wisdom about relationships and finances. Jesus is all about us being intentional with our lives and not wasting a single moment!

Helping people by providing financial coaching seems like a natural progression in my life because it combines many of my interests and passions. I have dreams of witnessing transformed lives through practical steps, while I cheer them on. I desire to guide them to life changing solutions to real money problems. Overcoming past issues with money is possible and I want to help people realize that “Success is just a pile of failure that you are standing on" (Dave Ramsey). Each person’s idea of success is unique to them and as long as they are heading in the right direction, that’s all that matters! I am excited to not only see individuals' lives transformed but families and generations changed as a result of that individual standing up and saying, “I’m going to be different and NOT follow the normal mediocre life that society tells us to follow!” Mediocre is a choice!

I’m excited to walk alongside clients, cheering them on, watching their financial lives grow and transform as they go from hopeless to hopeful and optimistic. I chose to be a coach because coaches help people move forward, not look backward and coaching is solutions focused. What could the future hold with good planning and wise decisions? A financial advisor focuses on your money’s behavior. A financial coach focuses on a client’s behavior with money. I also believe that Personal Finance is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge which makes it possible for anyone to make changes because we can all take responsibility for our own behavior no matter how intelligent we claim to be!

"Growth over time helps us to live out our hope. When we take small steps of growth every day, over time, we see progress. If you string together enough days of consistent growth, you begin to change as a person. You become better, stronger, more skilled or all of the above. And when you change yourself, you can change your circumstances. This begins a positive cycle of your growth strengthening your hope and your hope strengthening your growth. When you do this week after week, month after month, year after year, you gradually move from hope imagined to hope realized.” (

I have completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Training because I believe in the baby-steps program because I have gone through the baby-steps myself and have found success! Prior to that, I watched my best friend also go through the steps and find financial peace and security through the tough times in life because she was financially prepared.

Now, is the time to start!

“Fear can be what we feel, but BRAVE is what we do.”

(Ann Voskamp:

COVID-19 is an eye opener just like the recession of 2008 was. It is not a question of IF another recession will hit but WHEN. Are you going to be wise and prepared for the next time and be at peace when the storm hits? Or are you going to be caught off guard when the rain starts to fall? Take action NOW, don’t let another day slip through your fingers. Please take this opportunity of the COVID-19 pause button, to find solutions to the financial issues in your life! Don’t let anyone else or the government take this opportunity for growth away from you. Charge forward and take control yourself!

Let me be your cheerleader as YOU transform YOUR Financial Story!

Now Go and Be Intentional!


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